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Individual Offerings

Aside from the five UCLA Course offerings, Vy offers drop-in meditation sessions, accountability community group support, and 1:1 sessions for those who want to continue to deepen their mindfulness and compassion practices. 

Peaceful Reading
I have long been intrigued by the idea of mindfulness. The value of 'being in the moment' becomes quite clear when one realizes 'now' is all there is. Yesterday has come and gone and tomorrow has yet to come. It takes practice, awareness and know-how to integrate the practice of mindfulness into everyday life. This is where Vy's experience and expertise comes in. Through Vy's mindfulness sessions, I was able to learn practical methods that helped immensely in integrating mindfulness into my life. As with any discipline, it takes practice and patience and I'm still learning, however the benefits are well worth the investment in time; reduced stress, better sleep, appreciation and joy in experiencing of even the simplest of moments. The practice of mindfulness has also been valuable to me in handling 'uncomfortable' emotions and feelings. Rather than suppressing these feelings, mindfulness has helped me to recognize and acknowledge them and so has facilitated their release and alleviated the physical symptoms I had experienced because of them (sleeplessness and stomach problems). Mindfulness is something I will very much continue to practice and incorporate into my daily life. The benefits are well worth the effort; a happier more fulfilling and enjoyable life. Every journey begins with a first step, and to me Vy is an excellent facilitator and teacher to help you begin your entry into mindfulness. Take the time to invest in yourself. It is well worth it! - Chris Maddox, Project Manager, 1:1 coaching client



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Resilience Training

Resilience Training

You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf. Jon Kabat-Zinn

A Culture of Mindfulness

A Culture of Mindfulness

Our Team Programs

In Wave Group | Mindfulness-Based Wellness

Mindfulness is at the core of IN WAVE programs.


IN WAVE GROUP offers mindfulness-based well-being and self-management programs based on the latest neuroscience research, customized and taught by experienced instructors and coaches. Our attentive team is completely dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve and sustain optimal performance and balance in all areas of their lives through mindful programs.


Participants in any IN WAVE GROUP program offering can expect to:

  • Learn tools for increased resiliency and empowerment

  • Enhance mind body awareness 

  • Develop agile and growth mindsets

  • Learn techniques to effectively manage stress responses

  • Develop greater self-awareness and self-management

  • Take the next step towards optimum health

  • Develop greater emotional intelligence

  • Enhance mindful communication 

  • Experience greater overall well-being

  • Increased innovation and creativity

Our programs provide mindfulness training for participants to develop self-awareness and mindful attention to reduce stress and experience greater well-being. We customize assessment surveys to meet the needs of our clients.


Our pre and post assessment questions are referenced from the following industry standard surveys:


• Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index

• Perceived Stress Scale

• Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale

• Five Facets of Mindfulness

• Shirom–Melamed Vigor Measure

• Oldenburg Burnout Inventory

• Additional questions customized to meet the needs of your program objectives


We believe that well-being is a skill. We provide training in the following areas to help you develop skills to experience greater well-being

  • Knowledge of key components of well-being and understanding how these elements impact your life

  • Mindful awareness to our attention, thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and choicepoints

  • Values and Motivation towards well-being

  • Growth Mindset integrated with Self-Compassion 


Teaching the foundations of mindfulness and nutrition for eating and well-being, topics integrate evidence based practices with physical activity for daily life 


A thriving tomorrow starts with a clear strategy today. We can help you with strategies to bring mindfulness-based programs to compliment your existing training programs


Our exceptional team provides on-going support to integrate your foundational mindfulness techniques for sustainable change and self-mastery





Thrive is an 8-week resilience training program integrating mindfulness, body awareness, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence to provide experiential practice and skills for greater productivity

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"Generally, I noticed an increase of overall JOY. I also noticed that my joy has impacted those closest to me. I have also noticed an increased in awareness." - Thrive Participant

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