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Mindfulness Workshops and Coaching

Mindfulness Workshops and Coaching

Developing a Growth Mindset

Developing a Growth Mindset

Triple Focus for Well-being

Triple Focus for Well-being

Focused Attention Training

Focused Attention Training

In Wave Group | Mindfulness-Based Wellness
In Wave Group | Mindfulness-Based Wellness
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In Wave Group designs and offers mindfulness-based well-being and professional development programs for optimal performance


Our Programs


We believe that well-being is a skill. We provide training in the following areas to help you develop skills to experience greater well-being

  • Knowledge of key components of well-being and understanding how these elements impact your life

  • Mindful awareness to our attention, thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and choicepoints

  • Values and Motivation towards well-being

  • Growth Mindset integrated with Self-Compassion 


Teaching the foundations of mindfulness and nutrition for eating and well-being, topics integrate evidence based practices with physical activity for daily life 


A thriving tomorrow starts with a clear strategy today. We can help you with strategies to bring mindfulness-based programs to compliment your existing training programs


Our exceptional team provides on-going support to integrate your foundational mindfulness techniques for sustainable change and self-mastery





Thrive is an 8-week resilience training program integrating mindfulness, body awareness, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence to provide experiential practice and skills for greater productivity

Build Your Well-being Program Session

During this powerful session we’ll work together to...


• Create a clear vision for thmindfulness-based well-being program you want for your team and your organization

• Discover how to help your team decrease stress while increasing their performance

• Learn effective skills and tools to optimize productivity

In Wave Group | Mindfulness-Based Wellness

About Us

In Wave Group | Mindfulness-Based Wellness


In Wave Group | Mindfulness-Based Wellness

Our Programs

In Wave Group | Mindfulness-Based Wellness

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Join our clients in leadership and well-being 


in making choices to enjoy and experience happiness in their lives

Post-Survey Results for Thrive Program

"I have a different perspective and outlook on things.  Before it felt as if there was never enough time to get things done. I felt fatigued and exhausted.  Now I feel I have control more than I thought before the program. I realize that most of the time I was not present.  I have a ways to go, but I am working each day to sustain the practice of being present and stopping to pause when things approach a frenzied level."

- Participant in Thrive program

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